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Let’s Travel!

Reading Week Adventure!

Discover the tremendous biodiversity of the Amazon Basin during a stay in a jungle lodge and raft a level-3 river. Travel down the Avenue of Waterfalls and soak in the natural hot springs in Baños, a town that offers amazing night life and adrenaline sports like paragliding, zip lining, repelling, and more.  Watch wild horses…

$2399 $1749 / per person
Luxury travel!

This 14-day trip really does highlight THE BEST of Thailand, with too many inclusions to list here, all in opulent comfort. Days will be packed with incredible outings that showcase both the cultural and natural beauty of this amazing country, with inclusions you won't find in tour packages anywhere else. Thailand has so much to…

$4399 $3999 / per person
Business in Thailand!

This 14-day business trip with select Central Ontario Chamber of Commerce offices will provide the boost that your business needs to hit the ground running in 2022 - while experiencing THE BEST of Thailand, all in opulent comfort. Days will be packed with incredible outings that showcase both the cultural and natural beauty of this…

$4599 $4199 / per person
Extreme Eco-Adventure Fun

An action-packed adrenaline adventure across Ecuador, from the capital to the Amazon Basin to go white water rafting to lots of adventures in Baños, then hiking around the Quilotoa crater, before biking down the highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi! This 11-day adventure is packed with amazing nature, culture, and extreme fun!

$2699 $1999 / per person
Relax in Beauty!

This 12-day trip will introduce you to some of the most revered temples and palaces, gorgeous landscapes, wonderful beaches, and beautiful cultural traditions alongside Balinese families. This will be a trip to remember always!

$2399 / per person
Total pampering!

This retreat is all about getting you into a place of deep relaxation by immersing you in natural beauty, good food, and the various spa services included in this package, including massages, yoga classes, a trip to the best hot springs in South America, and so much more. The natural surroundings and river rushing and…

$1999 $1499 / per person

Treat yourself to a 7-day all-inclusive customized retreat in the Ecuadorean Andes. We will spoil you with meals catered to your liking, fun activities and beautiful natural surroundings. It's time to start making some new memories. Let's travel!

$1399 $999 / per person
Holy Herps!

This herping adventure will take you on daily expeditions into the megadiverse forests surrounding the Mindo region & the Choco Corridor, where you will be guaranteed to see a variety of snakes, lizards and frogs, with the most experienced Field Herper Eric leading the way.

$2699 $1999 / per person
Si hablo español!

Learn how to speak Spanish in the lush natural surroundings of Mindo, a village in the Andes Mountains of Northern Ecuador that offers lots of wonderful places to visit, restaurants, activities & the perfect temperature all year round!

$1999 $1499 / per person
Up Your Skills!

This retreat will take your woodworking skills to the next level, as you learn different techniques working on a variety of projects - all while enjoying wonderful Ecuadorian culture and the lush nature of the Mindo Valley. You may have a new definition of what 'hardwood' is by the end...

$2399 $1799 / per person
Daily Yoga!

Enjoy two 90-minute sessions of yoga daily with only the sounds of birds and rushing water surrounding you. Our open-air studio right on site is free for your use the entire week between classes as well, during this all-inclusive fun, safe, decadent, sustainable, healthy, customized adventure for all the senses - made just for you.…

$1999 $1499 / per person
Pure deliciousness!

Mindo is Ecuador's official "Route of Chocolate", and you are about to find out why! This particular retreat offers three unique chocolate tours, a visit to a few cacao plantations, two chocolate cooking classes, as well as a decadent chocolate massage. Our only next door neighbour is an amazing artisanal chocolate factory in case you…

$1999 $1499 / per person

Be prepared to have your taste buds wowed as our wonderful local friend, Chef Tim, teaches you some of the best traditional dishes of Ecuador, as well as other international dishes and some fusion yumminess. Then there are all of the other parts of the experience of this retreat in this Andean mountain oasis. Pure pleasure…

$1999 $1499 / per person
Amazing birding!

This birding adventure will take you on daily expeditions into the megadiverse forests surrounding Mindo & the Choco Corridor with friend and Birding Guide Danny leading the way - whose keen eye and tremendous field experience make him your ideal birding guide.

$2749 $1999 / per person

Please GET IN TOUCH to start planning your trip – that we we are able to tailor it to exactly what you want. This will not cost you extra money – on the contrary, we will likely be able to put together a trip with that much more of what you want for a very competitive…

$1 / per person
Stunningly beautiful!

Enjoy this wonderful trip through some of Europe’s most gorgeous & unexplored regions. Explore the regal capital of Vienna, Austria, where you will take in some of the historical sites before traveling by train to Hungary, to see another one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest. Then it’s onto Romania to take in its gorgeous…

$3999 $3599 / per person