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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a requirement of participation on all EarthTreks trips.
We are currently in the midst of transitioning to a new travel insurance provider to serve all of your insurance needs better. Until you see something published here, please go ahead with your own travel insurance arrangements – noting that you may already be covered – so be sure to check first!
You may have travel insurance coverage provided on the credit card you use to book your trip, through your extended workplace benefits, your CAA membership or otherwise. Be sure to explore any options you may have and if you do find you have coverage, make sure it will be adequate.
Travel insurance must cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation with a recommended minimum coverage of $200,000 CAD coverage for each of those categories. We strongly recommend that your insurance further cover trip cancellation, curtailment, personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects.
If you have credit card insurance, we will require proof of purchase of the trip (a receipt showing your credit card number or your credit card statement), noting that the credit card must be in your name. Contact your bank for details about their participating insurer, the level of coverage and emergency contact telephone number prior to joining the trip.
If you don’t have travel insurance, you may be prevented from joining your trip. And trust us – you don’t want that to happen!