Per-0065 10-Day on Quarry Trail ✔️

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Per-0065 10-Day on Quarry Trail ✔️

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Day 1: Arrival in Lima (-/-/-)
Welcome to Lima, the "City of Kings". Upon arrival to the airport, you will be transferred to your hotel. Your local guide (or Tour Leader) will meet you for a welcome briefing & some tips during your stay in Lima.

While Peru's capital officially began life in 1535, when Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded the city on the Day of the Three Kings, settlements had been scattered through the valley since before the Incas. The city was built on top of an existing palace and temples that belonged to the local chief who had little choice but to move on. Lima was in its prime during the Spanish colonial days and much of the city's attraction now lies in its well-preserved historical center.

Included Activities
• Group arrival airport transfer in Lima, in private service.
Day 2: Lima Tour (B/L/-)
In the morning you’ll visit the historical center of Lima, where you'll see attractions like the Cathedral, the Viceroyalty of Peru, the main places of Lima's Plaza Mayor (Main Square), the Government Palace, the City Hall, and other important monuments. Then, head to the nearby San Francisco Monastery, with its catacombs containing some 70,000 human remains. Next, you’ll explore the popular Central market where you’ll take a walking tour. The market has a huge variety of fresh produce on offer including fruits, vegetables and even Guinea pigs. You will have the opportunity to try some local Peruvian fruits. Finally, you’ll walk through the Chinatown, where you’ll locals purchasing souvenirs and other objects as well as oriental products very demanded for our gastronomy. Here you’ll have lunch at a “Chifa” restaurant, a mix between the Peruvian and Chinese gastronomy, very popular among the Peruvians, especially on weekends.

Return to your hotel and in the afternoon take a nice walking tour around the district of Barranco, where streets are lined with traditional casonas (colonial-style houses). Barranco is also home of vibrant areas full of artists, musicians, and writers. You’ll walk through areas full of street art and murals, stopping off every now and then to take some sweet photos that will make friends back home ooze with jealousy. You’ll know the traditional “Puente de los Suspiros” (Bridge of Sights), one of Barranco’s big tourist attractions as well as our beautiful “Malecon” which offers great view of the Pacific Ocean.

In the evening, we’ll show you where the locals go for a good night out! We’ll wander Barranco in search of local flavors. As this is an evening tour, we’ll be meandering and mixing with locals on their night out, keeping pace with them and living the local experience. Time to eat!  We’ll walk a few blocks away to a dynamic area well-known for its many local restaurants that serve up local delights such as anticuchos (beef hearts), picarones (small donuts), and other traditional Limeñan local food.  You’ll become an expert in Peruvian snacks as you sample the most popular ones. And the cherry on top of this Lima night tour will be our final stop in a vibrant local bar, where you can try our famous Pisco sour! Feel free to spend the rest of your evening in the atmospheric bar, where there’s often live music or cool local Limeños to chat with.

Included Activities
• Half day visit to the historical center of Lima including the Catacombs and the Chinatown, in private service.
• Lunch in “Chifa” style restaurant.
• Half day walking tour around Barranco neighborhood, in private service.
• Evening street food tour in private service.
Day 3: Lima to Cusco (B/-/-)
After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to the airport to take the flight towards the imperial city of Cusco (Flight is NOT included).

Arrive in Cusco, historic heartland and former capital of the Incan Empire. You’ll be met and transferred to your hotel.

Cusco is a favorite destination of many visitors to Peru. As you wander the streets and side alleys of the city you will witness the perfect tapering Inca stonework that provided the foundations for many of Cusco’s colonial and modern buildings. The city itself is the continent's oldest continuously inhabited city and was the home of the Inca Empire for two centuries before the Spanish built their first capital here. Today Cusco is a fascinating combination of both cultures. Take the time to acclimatize to the city's 3450-metre high (11,150 ft) altitude.

In the afternoon, you’ll have a guided walking tour of the most characteristic places in the center of Cusco. On the way you’ll see the Stone of Twelve Angles at the Inca Roca Palace, on Hatun Rumilloc Street. You’ll visit the Qoricancha temple, considered the most sacred Inca building. According to archaeologists it housed over 1000 priests and attendants. It was built over an Inca palace dedicated to the worship of the Sun. Then, you’ll head to the heart of the city, “the Plaza de Armas”, surrounded by colonial arcades and four churches. Here, you’ll appreciate the façade of the beautiful “Cathedral” of Cusco, built in the XVI.

In the evening, you will learn about Pisco drink. Your tour will lead you on a stroll through a beautiful small plaza, San Blas, located in Cusco’s bohemian, artistic neighborhood. It’s here where you can find several artisanal shops, a handicrafts market, and the best views of the city as night falls. Then it’s back to the order of the day: Pisco! As you wander through the city, your local guide will tell you all about the traditional Pisco Sour and its place in Peruvian history. We’ll stop off at a local bar so that you can taste a few different flavors of Pisco and hear all about the distillation process and how this sour drink is made. Finally, it’s your time to shine! Get your mixologist hat on and try your hand at making your very own Pisco Sour, using all the knowledge that you’ve picked up along the way on this Cusco city tour. And the best part? You get to drink it afterwards — salud!

Included Activities Group departure airport in Lima, in private service. Group arrival airport transfer in Cusco, in private service Half day walking tour around the center of Cusco including the Qoricancha temple, in private service Pisco making & tasting tour, in private service.

Included Activities
• Group departure airport in Lima, in private service.
• Group arrival airport transfer in Cusco, in private service
• Half day walking tour around the center of Cusco including the Qoricancha temple, in private service
• Pisco making & tasting tour, in private service.
Day 4: Cusco to Sacred Valley of the Incas, Ollantaytambo (B/L/-)
In the morning, you will visit the huge “Inca Ceremonial Center of Sacsayhuaman”. This enormous structure overlooks the city of Cusco. Its constructions are amazing, with huge rocks perfectly fitted. It is said that it took over 10,000 workers 50 years to build it. The origin of the temple of Sacsayhuaman is still today unknown, the archaeologist attributed its construction to the Period of the Inca Pachacutec.

Then, you’ll head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. On the way you’ll stop at a point known as El Mirador, from where you will be able to see the whole Sacred Valley and receive a good insight of the Inca history. The Sacred Valley was undoubtedly a key area of settlement to the Incas; its combination of agreeable climate and fertile plains bestow an unusual abundance for the high Andes. Here the Incas sculpted the mountain flanks with vast contour terracing and irrigation channels. Our driver and guide will suggest you the best points for pictures.

You’ll stop at the Pisac village to visit the Amaru community. Here, you’ll learn about the weaving process where the women of the community will show you ancient techniques of weaving, dyeing, management and production of South American camelid fibers. With this activity, women can support and help their families, providing food, home, health and studies to their sons.

Then continue the journey through the Sacred Valley and enjoy lunch in a local restaurant located in the middle of the valley.

In the afternoon, you’ll drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo, a magnificent example of Incan urban planning. It's one of the few places where the Incas defeated the Spanish. Once you get there you will visit the ruins of Ollantaytambo, an important Inca construction built during the Inca's heydays. This is an extraordinary Inca place where besides the ruins you may also see an amazing rock formation representing the Inca god Wiracocha. Afterwards, you will be transferred to your hotel located in this beautiful Inca town.

Included Activities
• Visit of Sacsayhuaman Inca fortress, in private service.
• Visit to the Sacred Valley of the including the community of Amaru, in private service.
• Lunch in a local restaurant.
• Visit to the Ollantaytambo Inca site and town, in private service.
Day 5: Ollantaytambo to Quarry Trail Trek (B/L/D))
During the next four days you’ll be hiking the Quarry Trail. While away from Ollantaytambo, the bulk of your luggage will be stored at your hotel. The evening before you leave Ollantaytambo, you'll receive a small duffle bag to carry your clothes in during the trek (5 kg maximum). Your team of porters will carry these bags for you, together with the food and equipment for the trail. Please note that you won't have access to these items until the end of each day, as the porters will always be ahead of the group

Make an early start today and drive to Choquequilla, a small ceremonial place where Inca worshipped the moon. Drive to the starting point of the trek, Rafq'a, and meet the horsemen who join us on the hike. After an hour’s walk, reach the small community of Socma. Carry on to the Perolniyoc cascade lookout, an opportunity to stop for photos and a food break. Continue to the campsite, which is 3700 meters above sea level. You should reach the campsite around lunchtime. After lunch, set off to explore the Q'orimarca archaeological site, which once served as a checkpoint to the Inca.

Notes: The Inca Quarry Trail is within the abilities of most reasonably fit people. It’s 26 km long, the highest pass 4450 m above sea level. Throughout the trek, horses will carry your gear and camping equipment. The first two nights are spent camping and the third night at a simple hotel. Double tents (twin-share) and foam camping mats are provided. Porters will set up the tents while the cook prepares meals.

Included Activities
• Quarry Trail Trek, in private service.
Day 6: Quarry Trail Trek (B/L/D)
This is the most challenging and rewarding day of the hike. A three-hour walk takes us to the top of the first pass of Puccaqasa (approximately 4370 meters high). After enjoying picturesque views of the valley, it’s a short walk before stopping for lunch. Afterwards, make the two-hour hike to Kuychicassa, the highest pass of the trek at 4450 meters. From here, descend to the sacred site the Inca called Intipunku (Sun Gate), with views of the Nevado Veronica mountain. Head to the campsite, only a stone’s throw away at Choquetacarpo.

Included Activities
• Quarry Trail Trek, in private service.
Day 7: Quarry Trail Trek and Aguas Calientes (B/L/D)
Today’s hike will all be downhill. The first stop is the incomplete Kachiqata quarry, where the Inca were intercepted by the Spanish. Around midday, come to the end of the trek. Explore the cobbled streets of Ollantaytambo village.

Then, you’ll board the tourist train towards Aguas Calientes, a modern little town close to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The train ride to Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful journeys that visitors can experience in our country. After passing the Sacred Valley of the Incas the train starts to descend gradually along the edge of the Urubamba River, till finally reach the cloud forest. After approximately 1 hour 45 minutes you will have arrived in Aguas Calientes town where you’ll spend the night.

Dinner will be included in a local restaurant.

Included Activities • Quarry Trail Trek, in private service.
• Tourist train tickets from Ollantaytambo town to Aguas Calientes town on INCA Rail The Voyager service (https://incarail.com/the-voyager-machu-picchu-train)
Day 8: Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu / Cusco (B/-/-)
In the morning (6am), you’ll be taken to the Machu Picchu ruins starting with a short bus ride up the steep, zigzagging road to the impressive Lost City of the Incas.

This is one of those genuinely magical places, and your first glimpse of these ruins in the mist is something to remember. The site is perched high in the Andes, surrounded by verdant cloud forest, with the river Urubamba running through the gorge far below. Hidden away on a ridge, Machu Picchu is invisible from below, so it's no surprise it remained a secret for so many years (until 1911).

Your ticket grants access to the site for 4 hours. Explore the upper terrace with your guide first, making sure to get that great portrait! You will then take a guided tour of the ruins, learning more about these 200 or so houses and temples. It's fascinating to be able to gaze down on the city from above and imagine how it would have looked during the height of the Inca empire. Catch the bus back into town and enjoy some spare time to have lunch and a look around.

In the afternoon, take the tourist train back to Ollantaytambo and make the rest of the journey to Cusco by private vehicle (2 hours).

Note: According to Machu Picchu visiting regulations, all visitors must follow a pre-determined route within the site. This route must be followed in one direction only and once the guided visit commences, exiting and reentering the site is not permitted. Once the guided visit concludes, visitors must exit the site and personal exploration of Machu Picchu is not permitted.

Included Activities
• Shuttle bus from Aguas Calientes town to Machu Picchu ruins (round trip).
• Guided visit of Machu Picchu ruins, in private service
• Tourist train tickets from Aguas Calientes town to Ollantaytambo town on INCA Rail The Voyager service (https://incarail.com/the-voyager-machu-picchu-train)
• Transfer from Ollantaytambo train station to Cusco, in private service.
Day 9: Free Day in Cusco (B/-/D)
Enjoy a free day in Cusco to relax and to continue exploring the city on your own.

Today you should use your ticket called "Boleto Turistico" that was included on your city tour program. This boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket) gives you entry to different places in Cusco. Some of these places are visited during your city tour. However, on your free time in Cusco you will be able to use this Boleto Turistico to visit the rest of the museums, churches and sites. On the backside of the ticket you will find information about opening and closing times and some telephone numbers, etc. You will also find a map of the central parts of Cusco, and a little map that gives you a hint on where some places outside Cusco are located (Machu Picchu, Chinchero, Pisaq, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo etc).

At the end of the day, enjoy a farewell dinner at Nuna Raymi, a sustainable restaurant whose philosophy is to support and work with local producers and organic products. You’ll also appreciate a short demonstration of the typical Peruvian drink “Emoliente”, kind of herbal tea made of Peruvian medicinal plants, very demanded by locals specially during cold season (http://www.nunaraymicusco.com/gallery/).

Included Activities
• Full Boleto Turistico pass, with access to 16 archaeological sites/museums (Transport & guide are NOT included).
• Dinner at Nuna Raymi restaurant
Day 10: Departure Day (B/-/-)
Your tour comes to an end today and there are no activities planned. If you may like to stay on for a few extra days to make the most of your visit here, then we’ll be happy to assist in booking accommodation (subject to availability) and extra activities.

At the appropriate time, you’ll be transferred to the airport to take your flight back to Lima (Flight is NOT included), followed by the international connection flight to home.

Included Activities
• Group departure airport transfer in Cusco, in private service.

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