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Join us for a yoga retreat in the lush surroundings of Mindo, Ecuador next November! From the moment we pick you up at the airport in Quito to the moment we drop you off again, every detail will be taken care of for you. Beyond two sessions of daily yoga, a variety of activities will be arranged around your timeline and energy level, meals will be freshly catered by a wonderful chef, and you will be set up in simple

A little bit of pampering and a lot of adventure! This 9-day all-ladies trip through Ecuador's Andes and Amazon will allow you to let it all go - and spend some time just for you. Pamper yourself with rich experiences alongside other wonderful women. Enjoy spa treatments, delicious food, daily mindfulness and meditation practices, various natural hot springs, with your days packed full of adventure. Discover the tremendous biodiversity of the Amazon Basin during a stay in a jungle lodge. Travel down the Avenue

Explore the enchanting islands of the Galapagos archipelago from the comfort of the luxury yacht, Grand Queen Beatriz - one of the newest and most beautiful yachts, including a top deck hot tub, gourmet meals and large state rooms. Pure decadence!

The Galápagos Islands are one of the most magical places on Earth! Please GET IN TOUCH to start planning your trip – that we can tailor it to exactly what you want, starting with talking through which animals you hope to see, which islands you want to visit, and if you want to stay in hotels or join an itinerary on a yacht.

Discover the tremendous biodiversity of the Amazon Basin during a stay in a jungle lodge and raft a level-3 river. Travel down the Avenue of Waterfalls and soak in the natural hot springs in Baños, a town that offers amazing night life and adrenaline sports like paragliding, zip lining, repelling, and more.  Watch wild horses run through Cotopaxi National Park as you mountain bike down one of the world's highest active volcanoes. Step back in time in Ecuador’s capital city,