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Getting Started

Beginning to plan your trip should be fun, not daunting. Your job is simple: think about what your ideal vacation might look like> Then let us figure out the rest.
This ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE is your first step – or GET IN TOUCH if easier.
Below is a short list of questions to help you work through some of the bigger decision points – noting that providing lots of detail about what you hope to see and do (or not) can be very helpful. Blue sky it – have some fun!
  1. Do you have a general idea about where you want to go?
  2. How long would you like to be away in total?
  3. Are you more of a city slicker or nature lover – or do you love both equally?
  4. Do you have an overall budget in mind?
  5. Are there any specific things that you hope to see or do on the trip?
  6. Do you want to include some educational elements in your trip? Let us know if you want some suggestions, from Spanish classes and yoga to environmental education. Particularly in Ecuador, we have a vast pool of partners and colleagues to draw upon.
  7. Are there any fears or otherwise that we can help you plan around?
  8. What is your ideal combination of planned activities vs unstructured time?
  9. Do you have any medical conditions, allergies or food intolerances/preferences that you would like us to take into consideration?
  10. Is there anything else that might help us to plan the best trip ever for you?