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Thank you for booking with EarthTreks!

Your amazing adventure begins here!
Well, hopefully paying for your trip is not too much of an adventure… but as soon as that stuff is all taken care of, we can get to the fun part of planning your amazing trip-of-a-lifetime!
Please stay posted for a link to a trip registration form as soon as we are able to confirm space on the tour you have expressed interest in (don’t book your flight quite yet). That will be followed by an invoice from PayPal, to pay your trip deposit or trip in full (as indicated in your trip details), based on how close you are to the departure date. If you are unsure how much you need to pay now, it will all be as clear as a bell on the invoice.
This is all part of the personalized experience of working with a small travel company… as we work to ensure the right number and mix is matched up with avaiable dates. It may take a few extra steps than just booking something online on the fly, but it will all be worth it – promise!
There truly is nothing cookie cutter about any of EarthTreks’ offerings. Regardless of which trip or retreat you are looking to do, you are about to embark on an authentic cultural experience and wonderful deep dive into nature that you could never just “buy off the shelf”.
If any of the above seems too complicated or unclear, don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH.
Thanks again, and…