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Let’s travel to Mindo!

Located in a valley in the foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes, Mindo is best known for birds, butterflies, chocolate, frogs, waterfalls, and adrenaline sports – with lots of all of those to offer. This dreamy little ecotourism destination is the reason EarthTreks exists today, and is home to our small retreat centre where we host different groups throughout the year, and where you will certainly be staying if traveling with us. Just get in touch with whatever you had in mind!

  • Head out on an early morning birding trip in one of the world’s top birding destinations, to see the mating ground of the cock-of-the-rock or other rare species endemic to the area.
  • Take a chairlift cascading over the forest canopy to reach a set of beautiful waterfalls, where you can spend the day hiking, swimming, or having a picnic.
  • Be surrounded by fluttering butterflies at a butterfly garden to see a variety of species at every stage of life, including as they emerge from their chrysalis to dry off their wings.
  • Take a chocolate tour at the artisanal chocolate factory next door to see this deliciousness being made – or try your hand it making it yourself over a fire on a separate tour.
  • Tour an orchid garden with hundreds of species growing – of the over 4,200 found in the country – many of which you will need a magnifying glass to view.
  • Join in an evening frog concert to be awed by the sound of these small creatures.
  • Plant a tree at EarthTreks’ reforestation project and out a private nature reserve with hummingbirds like you can witness nowhere else.
  • Choose to pump some adrenaline into your system on any of a variety of activities, from repelling through waterfalls, white water tubing, mountain biking, zip lining or a Tarzan swing.
  • Take in some fine dining or small shops along the main street of the village.
  • Pull up a hammock on the property and read a book at your leisure, and let the wildlife viewing opportunities come to you.
  • Or….tell us what you had in mind, and we can try to put together just that!