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Overview of Ecuador

A country rich in cultural and natural beauty, Ecuador has something to offer everyone. With over twenty years of history in the country, we can customize trips here to include anything you can dream up – even the most obscure interests and difficult places to access – all led by talented, specialized guides with wonderful personalities.

Some of our favourite places to visit include:

  • Quito – Ecuador’s gorgeous capital was the first city to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its well-preserved historic centre. Our accommodations in the heart of the best part of the city allow for easy walking to access the wonderful restaurants, squares, churches, and museums on foot. Other attractions, such as the Botanical Gardens or art museum of Oswaldo Guayasamin, are a short drive away.
  • Amazon Basin – Whether visiting the nearby Amazon (the Tena / Misahualli area) or taking a deeper dive into the primary rainforest bordering Yasuni National Park (the most biodiverse place on Earth per cubic meter), we can arrange an amazing experience to safely and comfortably take in the vast flora and fauna found here. We would also encourage you to spend some time in a local Indigenous community to learn about their fascinating traditions and way of life, with some beautiful community tourism projects to choose from.
  • Otavalo – This wonderful Indigenous town offers the biggest traditional market in South America – a veritable shopper’s paradise. The surrounding area has much more than art and handcrafts to offer though, located in a valley that is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and tremendous daytrip opportunities to enjoy the nearby leather market of Cotocachi, the sacred waterfalls of Peguche, and much more.
  • Baños  – This fun spa town draws people in to enjoy its natural medicinal hot springs, lovely landscapes, a diversity of adrenaline sports, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, excellent international dining options, fun nightlife, and easy access to the Amazon. Depending on how long you want to stay, we can arrange lots of great activities for you here, from Salsa lessons to a trip on horseback through the mountains.
  • Mindo – This small village, located in a valley in the lush cloud forest, is EarthTreks’ home base in Ecuador and an essential stop on all of our itineraries. We host individual travelers, small groups, and yoga and other types of retreats at our small retreat centre that is set in nature just a few minutes from town. Mindo is one of the world’s top birding hotspots, also drawing people in for its wonderful nature hikes, waterfalls, adrenaline sports, and small village culture. Our friends and family there make is an extra special experience for EarthTrekkers.
  • The Galapagos Islands (one of Ecuador’s provinces) have their own page – click HERE to explore Darwin’s enchanted islands.
  • And so much more, from climbing volcanoes such as the iconic Cotopaxi, to visiting the gorgeous green waters in the Quilotoa crater to checking out the beautiful city of Cuenca where so many Canadians are retiring… (GET IN TOUCH for the longer list).

We can put together any length trip based on what you would like to see & experience, your budget, abilities – and most of all, your interests and passions. We have specialized guides and unique itineraries that can be tailored specifically for you and your fellow travelers. We can likewise arrange logistics for you to travel independently without any hassles. All done as sustainably as possible.

It just starts with a quick conversation with no commitment beyond ours to help you start planning an amazing trip.

Quick Facts

Capital City
Visa Requirements
Visa not required for Canadian Citizens. Please inquire for all other nationalities.
Languages Spoken
Spanish, Kichwa
Currency Used
Area (km2)
1,285,216 km2