Socially and Ecologically Conscious Travel

EarthTreks always gives back to the people and communities we visit. We are mindful of the culture and conscP1040470ious of the natural environment everywhere we go. And we take people to the most beautiful places to enjoy experiences that offer the opportunity to feel the beauty of this amazing world we live in.

Responsible Worldwide Travel

In addition to the trips that EarthTreks leads throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, we also work with industry partners that likewise provide socially and ecologically conscious travel opportunities. We work with companies that we can personally recommend, who advocate responsible travel as the core of their business model. This opens  a world of travel options to our travelers.

EarthTreks holds professional memberships with The International Ecotourism Society and The International Ecotourism Club, both of whom support the move to more sustainable travel.

Amazing Trips through Ecuador & Galapagos

EarthTreks coordinates and leads unique trips throughout Ecuador, including trips to the Galapagos. Our team knows the country very well, including lots of off-the-beaten-path cultural and natural treasures that we can explore at your pace. We are able to build trips around specific interests and take advantage of timely events and opportunities. Whether in search of a specific rare bird or looking to visit an Indigenous community deep in the Amazonian jungle, let us put together the perfect trip for you – either  independently or as part of a group. Check out the tab on OUR TREKS for a list of ongoing and upcoming trips.

A Birding Paradise

Ecuador is one of the world’s exceptional birding destinations, boasting over 1,600 species of birds, with more being discovered each year. EarthTreks has a field office in Mindo, Ecuador, which was the first “Important Bird Area” declared in South America, and where you can find over 450 species of birds. And we have a tremendously talented team of bird guides to help find them – in any one of the country’s four distinct ecosystems, including the Galapagos, the Amazon, the Pacific Coast, and the Sierra.

A Retirement Destination

EarthTreks has the pleasure to work with people considering retirement in Ecuador. International Living has for several years standing chosen Cuenca, and Ecuador more generally, as the best place in the world to retire. Ever since, people have been flocking there. Retirement highlights in Ecuador include the beautiful culture and climate, the low cost of living, a robust economy, stable government, and access to affordable, excellent health care services. The Ecuadorian government also provides many incentives for foreigners to retire there. Our independent and group trips offer a glimpse of many of the most popular retirement spots in the country.

Independent or Small Group Travel

EarthTreks offers both independent and small group travel options. We are happy to discuss which is best for you based on your preferred style of travel, time, and budget. EarthTreks’ groups are always small (16 people or fewer), which is more socially and ecologically responsible, offering greater flexibility, authenticity, independence and unique opportunities for people who want to experience nature and culture in deeper ways. Some of the advantages of small group travel include the social experience of being with like-minded people and the ability to pack that much more into your days at a more affordable price.


EarthTreks is a licensed Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) travel company. TICO is the regulatory body that offers Ontario travel consumers protection through the regulation, registration, inspection, supervision and discipline of registrants.

We Care About Our Planet

We are determined to make a difference at EarthTreks. All of our travel offerings, both in Ecuador and the Galapagos, as well as through our industry partners worldwide, are socially and ecologically conscious. Our customers can rest assured that they are investing in ethical and responsible travel.

UNESCO defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment. It seeks to provide people with an exciting and educational holiday that is also of benefit to the people of the host country”. All of EarthTreks travel are grounded on these same values.

Because we know that strong ecological integrity and social ethics are good for the communities we visit, we strive to achieve the highest standards of environmental and community stewardship. We ask both our travelers and partners in tourism to be as sensitive as possible to the local ecology, including educated waste management, energy and water use, while leaving every place we visit virtually untouched. Likewise, we are respectful of the local cultures we visit along every step of the way.

Meanwhile, we sP1040208trive to give back to the local economy in many ways. We stay at locally owned hotels and eat at locally owned restaurants. We work with local guides and provide funding for local projects that promote sustainability.

We also walk the walk in our own business management. For example, our offices are Bullfrog powered – meaning, powered by 100% renewable energy.bullfrog transparent Along with all of the other environmental practices that we abide by – always starting with reduction – we hope to reduce our own environmental impact and create a cleaner, healthier world.

Where EarthTreks endeavours to make the greatest change is in the hearts of our travelers. By bringing you places that make you feel the world’s beauty a little more profoundly, a personal commitment to making positive social and environmental change can only deepen.