This is what some of our wonderful clients had to say about EarthTreks and their experience in Ecuador & the Galapagos:

“Best ever —Trip of a lifetime”.

“We were given the opportunity to see the real Ecuador. We stayed in overnight accommodations and ate at restaurant that were owned / operated by Ecuadorians. Each day was filled with a variety of activities. We didn’t go on this trip to relax, we went wanting to see and do all that we could doing the time period. This trip fulfilled our wishes”.

“The trip was amazing!!! We love Ecuador and every part of the adventure was exciting!!  Mindo was so beautiful. Definitely the cloud forest area was the most scenic of our destinations in Ecuador. It was a great trip”.

“Excellent planning, excellent preparation before arrival in Ecuador. Trip leader was extremely helpful and worked hard to accommodate group’s preferences. Everything possible was done to make group members feel looked after and safe”.

“The small group provided wonderful flexibility in our itinerary, including many added activities and side-trips in response to the group’s interests – it was a perfect mix of organized activities and free time during daytime and evenings”

“EarthTreks provides a unique opportunity to explore interesting and off the beaten-track pockets of an amazing country”.

“The trip had something for everyone. City life, country life, small town life, indigenous life. If someone wants to experience the real Ecuador this trip is for them. Do not expect to sit back and relax because there is not much time for that, time is used to learn, see, smell, taste, hear, and be part of life in Ecuador”

“EarthTreks gives a quality trip from start to finish. The trip was a total experience from city to jungle. Lots of value for the dollar spent”.