Let us help you to plan an amazing trip to the Galápagos Islands, tailored to exactly what you hope to see and do! Navigating between the various cruise and land-based options can be confusing – particularly if you’ve never traveled to the archipelago before. We’ve found some excellent guides and developed relationships with some great companies that do a great job of showcasing this magical destination. We would be happy to help take the work out of your planning, whether booking into a trip led by EarthTreks or by one of our great supplilers, who also strive to be socially and environmentally responsible.

This page offers two options for you to explore: EarthTreks’ 10-day land-based trip with monthly departures and a resource for all of the many other options that are out there. We can help you to find a cruise or land-based trip pretty much any time of year.

Reach out any time – here’s the contact page.

Choose Your Ideal Adventure on the Galapagos Islands – Yachting, Sailing or Staying on Land

We would love to help you to plan your ideal vacation experience in the Galápagos Islands, tailored to exactly what you hope to see and do! If...

Explore Darwin’s Magical Galápagos Islands – By Land!

12 Days - see inside for monthly departures in 2017 & 2018
You will literally feel like you are starring in a nature documentary getting up so close to the beautiful, wild and wacky animals on the Galápagos. Staying on the three main inhabited islands allows you to get to know the island culture, spend more time with the animals & strolling the white sand beaches!
$5,250.00 CAD, includes all taxes, international & internal return flights, transportation, accommodations, meals, activities, guides, carbon offsets (in other words, pretty much everything)