Offset Your Upcoming Trip

EarthTreks offsets the majority of its trips through Less Emissions. We also encourage our clients to offset their own flights, based on where they are traveling from. If you would like to find out more, please CONTACT US.

EarthTreks has partnered with Less Emissions to provide the highest quality carbon offsets to individuals and organizations looking to reduce the environmental impact of their flights. They offer Gold Standard-certified projects as well as Canadian-based offsets. To learn more about Less Emissions, please read below. 

Through Lessen My Flight™, Canada’s first EcoLogo-certified, independently audited flight offset program, customers can calculate and purchase offsets to help mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with air travel.

Less Emissions offers:

  • Gold Standard offsets: Derived from international projects meeting the Gold Standard Foundation’s sustainable development criteria, as endorsed by leading environmental groups including WWF International.
  • Canadian offsets: Sourced from projects that have achieved certification under the VER+ Standard, a globally recognized standard for voluntary GHG emission reductions projects.


To offset your travel, please go to the Less™ CARBON CALCULATOR. It’s easy, effective, and probably costs much less than you think. By paying as little as $30, for example, you can offset your return flight from Toronto to Quito. You can even select the specific project to which it applies.


About Our Carbon Offset Provider: Less Emissions

EarthTreks chose Less Emissions based on the calibre of the projects to which they contribute, their transparency, and the endorsement they have received from environmental groups, such as WWF International and the David Suzuki Foundation. We also appreciate the fact that they pledge 10% of their profits to organizations that support community sustainability. Less Emissions’ dependability is demonstrated through their commitment to an independent audit performed annually by an internationally recognized auditing firm. All of their offsets are serialized and tracked, providing complete transparency for your offset purchase. To learn more about the work Less Emissions carries out, click HERE.

How Does Carbon Offsetting Work?

Less Emissions provides businesses and individuals interested in lessening their environmental footprint with two convenient options for purchasing offsets. Through Lessen My Flight, an independently audited flight offset program, individuals can calculate and purchase offsets to help mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with air travel. Alternatively, individuals who have conducted their own carbon calculation may purchase the highest quality carbon offsets available in Canada (by the tonne). Less Emissions sources offsets from Gold Standard-certified projects located in developing countries and VER+ Standard-certified projects located in Canada. Read more about some of their featured projects HERE.

Why Offset Your Carbon?

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are generated through fossil fuel combustion, industrial processes, and agricultural operations. These greenhouse gases are trapped within our atmosphere where they restrict infrared radiation and heat from exiting the atmosphere. Over time this heat builds and increases the average global temperature, which directly alters the Earth’s climate. The Earth’s climate and ecosystem are finely balanced. A small change can therefore have significant consequences.

Offsetting is a mechanism that allows individuals and organizations to address their environmental impact. Carbon offsets are designed to help mitigate the emissions associated with one activity (such as air travel) with another activity elsewhere that avoids or reduces an equivalent amount of emissions. For example, the impact of greenhouse gases associated with a flight from Toronto to Calgary may be neutralized by preventing the release of an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases through the implementation of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project elsewhere in the world.

EarthTreks has sourced an excellent company, Less Emissions, to provide our travelers with a trustworthy means of offsetting the carbon footprint associated with travel. Less offers Gold Standard-certified projects as well as Canadian-based offsets. To learn more about Less, please read below.

To offset your upcoming trip now, go to the Less™ CARBON CALCULATOR.