Giving Back

At EarthTreks, we understand the importance and inherent value of giving back to the communities we visit. As such, we ensure that all of the wonderful places we stop to eat, sleep, and tour along the way are locally owned and operated. This supports a tremendous ripple effect through the local economy of every community we visit.

Additionally, we are trying to effect change in the following ways:


Reforestation Project in San José de Saloya, Ecuador

We provided several acres of land as part of an international reforestation project, which is being locally managed. The land, located along the Ruta Verde close to  San José de Saloya, Ecuador, is part of the biodiverse region known as the Choco region. This project began in June 2014 and concluded in March 2016 with the planting of over 20 acres of  13,300 native trees!

At the entrance to the property, we are currently developing an educational arboretum for people to learn about the different species growing in the reforestation project. The land will be protected for a period of 30 years (minimum) and monitored by the German climate change organization, KEK. Different scientists have been accessing the project for the purpose of inventorying different flora and fauna.

The reforestation project will be home to the future Refugio Mindo Environmental Innovation Centre. The centre will be home to a variety of different conservation, climate change, biodiversity, and environmental education initiatives. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in the centre’s creation in any capacity.

Partnering to Offset Carbon Emissions

EarthTreks has partnered with Less Emissions to provide the highest quality carbon offsets to individuals and organizations looking to reduce the environmental impact of their flights.  To learn more about Less, please go to our page Offset Your Carbon Footprint.